Why do girls act "funny" when they get attention from (a) boy(s)...?

December 9, 2006 2:16pm CST
The moment a girl gets attention from a boys,in particular,she seems to start acting funny..By funny,i mean that they act more demanding,more attention seeking people... That makes it all the more difficult to even interpret what they really want...Do all gals behave this way??I'd like to get the opinion of as many as i can,and i can also get help from guys as to whether they've come across the same problems...!
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@pagli84 (1850)
• Netherlands
9 Dec 06
maybe because she's nervous and doesnt know what else to do. she thinks that doing what she's doing will keep the guy more interested or attract more attention. some people just dont know how to act in the presence of someone they are interested in, and they are afraid they'll lose that interest, so sometimes they do stupid things (that i guess can cause the loss of interest, but they dont realize it at the time they're doing it)!
• India
10 Dec 06
Hey i neva thought of this....!Hmm...quite possible,but u sure think they do want to keep up the relatioinship,rite... Well,in that case,if its like wat u are saying,wat can be my action(s)??Do i try to ignore or be the same???