Email money making scams

@iloveit (316)
December 9, 2006 3:29pm CST
Nigerian email scams.... Have you got emails about 'becoming rich' that someone in Nigeria or elsewhere sends you "URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL", saying that he is a Manager of some bank and has millions of dollars in account of someone who died which can be transferred to your account if you split the money with him. Dont fall for it, these are big scams making these scammer millions/billions of dollars. Once your information is received by the scammer all money from the account would be taken out. People have lost their life savings, its so bad and sad... Read this story and check out the video on 20/20 abcnews "title scam artists" and share your thoughts..
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• India
20 Jan 07
Seems Nigerian's second name is scam. In all scam they are involved. They are not earning of hard work. Just involved in scam and sending messages to the people for becoming their member.
@megaplaza (1438)
• Nigeria
10 Feb 08
thats too insultive, to coin a whole nation of about 140 million ppl scam. i am a nigerian and i do scam, in fact i have saved some people from being scammed, and mind you that those victims too are greed cos they wants to share money illegally stolen from nigerian government and in the end, them themselves got scammed, we have great nigerians more than your country. we have philp emeagwali, father of internet, gabriel oyibo, creator of GAGUT theoram.
• United States
18 Jan 07
Any email offers to make money quick, or use my bank account information are automatically deleted from my email. It does not even make any difference if it comes from an email address I recognize .. these scammers can use other peoples' email addresses too. Also, if the email has an attachment that ends in .exe, it is also automatically deleted, because that is probably a virus or worm, which the hacker hopes to get into my computer to send them my personal information. We have to be very careful of what we open and what we believe from emails.
• India
18 Jan 07
Ok these guys that send this emails have evil mind and they want to scam ,but what about the so called victims ? are they all really victims ? when someone mails you and say he has money gotten illegally from the Nigerian oil ministry and he wants to share it with you if you would help him to move it outside the country,should you try at all in anyway to help such person ? well most of those so called victims fall cos they had in mind to help someone to still from his country and when they get their fingers burned then they cry scam,if they had succeeded in that deal would they tell their government how they got the money and pay tax on it ?
8 Jun 13
I actually know people who fell for those scams! its a matter of greed and finding an opportunity you never knew existed. But think about this:
• India
14 Sep 11
seriously this trend is getting more and more popular and people getting into the trap of it .it is basically a part of organized crime which simply irgnnate in east african countries from where u get a mail stating that u have recently been choosen for GBP lattery system and won whooping 1lakh crore but for that you need to confirm your email id and name and phone the moment you give your no and details they get incresingly concerned to convince you that the tranfer is complete and you have to give your account no a tranfer fee which you have to deposit in below mentioned account and bingo the person reading this gets trapped
@skinky (2)
• Kuwait
26 Jul 11
Yeah! I have recieved quit alot of such emails and its not only Nigeria they originate from. Some could be traced to other African countries as well as Europe and Asia. The thing is, its takes foolishness and greed to fall for such bogus emails or proposals. Anyway, people are now well informed on how to spot there scam mails and the Nigerian government the through Economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) in collaboration with foreign inveterment had been clamping down on there perpetrators.
• India
2 Feb 10
Hi, Thanks for the information about Email money making scams.
• Portugal
8 May 08
@Rajni9 (52)
• Mauritius
13 Apr 08
I got one some days back and i was pretty sure it had something to do with fraud and so, out of curiosity i send back and email to that guy acting as if i was believing him to understand all his plan and network. i even proposed weird test how far he can go and how far it was all reliable. ( i wasn't aware of the scam yet) then he sent me sample of the doc ... so, i surfed on searched details. Bingo, i realised how such a thing was 'current'...i left teh man soaking up waiting ... Feels nice sometimes to fool them into believing that you might just be catching the bait...
@ramayay (10)
10 Feb 08
i know that these are a days i receive a lot of them,,,apart from bank i also received some form yahoo also saying i have been chosen for yahoo lucky earnings. Unless u enter for a draw n some site do not beleive these
• Philippines
30 Jul 07
there are two kind of persons in this world, a fool and not a fool. To belong to any of those two is a matter of choice. We can be fooled by this persons if we believed with their tactics and not using the wisdom that God has given us. But if we read, understand, make an inquiry and evaluate the informations received, said scams can be avoided.
• India
28 Jun 07
yes, you are absolutely right. it happens the same way you have written.thanx for alerting all of us. pls post about this types in future also.
• Brazil
9 May 07
That is true! There is a time behind that my friend received an email with that type of content. And I helped him communicating with the humbug. And we discovered later than it was a blow. I suggest that careful is been when intercepting this message type. We can disclose the possible maximum so that this badly is eradicated of the Internet. Perhalps there be a middle of tracing the criminals for the origin of the email and IP.
@ashar123 (2359)
• India
3 May 07
Everday i open my e-mail at yahoo and i see some new name trying to send bogus mails to me. I checked it out. Got a reply from them. The main thing people in nigeria / africa want is that they want to make contact with a person. Reason to sponsor them out of their country and call them over 2 ur place. Imagine in greed of money will anyone call someone all accross Africa... strange coz i still think wat people of Africa think that they can fool all World and they think they are very clever.. lolzzzzzz
@tejamsk (23)
• India
15 Feb 07
I got these type of mails...Unknowingly i responded to these mails in the beginning, and later found that they are all scams and thank god i did not fell prey to them
• United States
13 Feb 07
Those emails aggravate me tremendously! It makes me wonder just how many people respond to them. I guess lots of people have no common sense these days!
@Jemina (5783)
20 Jan 07
I have received that kind of email for the umpteenth time already but I was never persuaded to give in. Not too easy to believe them. If they wanted to give their money then why did they have to ask for your accounts and that it must have a certain amount? If they genuinely wanted to give in the first place then why not just send the check to you? One thing in common, it all comes from African coutnries. If they were true, then why not give their money to thousands of starving children in their continent?
@utsadetti (4589)
• United States
31 Dec 06
yeah, nigeria is very well known with their proposal lol. do they once propose you to be their partner?
@shmeedia (1045)
• Canada
27 Dec 06
heh, i used to work in a call center where the same nigerians called us to do pranks which sometimes actually made them lots of money. they used to call stores and ask them to ship out a box of 20 puppies and things like that, but nobody was ever there to collect the delivery. this was probably the worst case scenario we saw at the job, because it sucks to scam people out of 10,000 spark plugs or erasers, but when it's living puppies....yuck. really horrible :(
@homediva (113)
• Philippines
23 Dec 06
Yes, I received those e-mails many times. But I'm not stupid to fall for those kind of scams.
@annihilus (2185)
• Italy
16 Dec 06
These are old old scams... worldwide knew! It is funny to see a lot of people agree them!