Serial Killers

Jeffrey Dahmer  - Serial killer
@tonebob (137)
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December 9, 2006 3:38pm CST
I often read about them...serial killers that is. I find the things they do/did really, really interesting. I look up stuff about them all the time, specific ones and just killers in general. Some people think it's creepy that I like reading violent and morbid stuff. haha But don't get me wrong, I'm not a sick or violent person at all...I couldn NEVER hurt someone. I just find this stuff disturbingly provocative. hehe But yeah, what do you guys think? Is it weird? Do any of you take interest in similar or other weird things? I'd just like to hear what you think!
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25 Jan 07
I don't think its weird at all. Actually I feel the same way as you. I often find myself, almost becomming obsessed, with serial killers. I'm not sick either, but for some reason, I can't avoid that their out there. It's just shocking, that someone could commit these morbid crimes.
@tonebob (137)
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27 Jan 07
Thanks for answering!