what makes a successful relationship?

December 9, 2006 3:39pm CST
What do you think makes a successful relationship?I believe there needs to be a foundation of trust and honesty in order to have any relationship, be it romantically or friends/family etc. In a very serious long-term relationship, how often would you see your partner? Can you forgive a cheater? What do you think a relationship needs to be successful?I've had a few bad relationships but I have a pretty amazing one now. My fiance and I are inseperable but we do see our friends occasionally as everyone needs a break. We have a fair bit in common and are a lot alike. We have a mutual understanding of what consitutes cheating etc. and as a result, we get on as well as we can, although no relationship is perfect.
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@Ethanael (81)
• United States
9 Dec 06
Understanding, compassion, and trust, I would say, are some of the key values in a relationship that can make or break it. Also, make sure that your mate knows you care about them. Make sure they never, ever forget. And random flowers to your girlfriend/wife is always a good thing, from my experience... I see my mate daily. I can forgive a cheater, but it might take a bit of effort.
@shoelover (896)
• Australia
9 Dec 06
I think being able to talk about problems. Don't let them escalate into arguments. Trust is definately important also. Being spontaneous helps keep the relationship alive. I've been married 23 years and the love is still strong because of these things.
@milagre (1272)
• Portugal
9 Dec 06
respect (which requirs honesty), sense of humor and support to each other.