How often do Women think there is something better out there compared to MEN ?

United States
December 9, 2006 4:04pm CST
We've all been in a relationship or two in our lives. When in it, what was the quality, and how often did you think there was something better out there? Are you male, or female ? Lets compare (this could get good!)
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9 Dec 06
We tend to think there are better things when there are problems. If everything is fine then it rarely comes up. some women resort to women becuse they have been hurt by a man or may turn to their career to fuffil that passion that a man is really needed for. Ther is no one answer to this question but many depending on the people and the realationship.
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10 Dec 06
Nice interpretation. Its just so often you hear about a man ruining a relationship by cheating. But, it takes two to tango !? Thanks for the response