Are Women Asking Too Much Of Men?

United States
December 9, 2006 6:42pm CST
I am a 25 year old woman. Just a few years ago, I realized there is no perfect man. Women, you know what I mean. Take me for instance, I wanted a man that fit my characteristics to a T. He had to have a nice body, be handsome, have a good job and be financially stable, not have more than one child, be religious, be a family man, be generous, and on and on. Then it hit me. Am I asking too much? No man is perfect because I'm not even perfect. Are you a woman that feels she is wasting her time looking for the perfect man? Are you afraid that you won't be able to get any man because your expectations are so high? Do you feel the perfect man is out there? Men, do you think women are asking for too much? Men, do you also have very high expectations in women? Share it with us.
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@vikranth (179)
• India
10 Dec 06
@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
10 Dec 06
I found the perfect man quite by accident when I was 24. I think it might have helped that I didn't have any set list of requirements in my head as to what he might be like. I just enjoyed being with him and as time went on we grew closer and closer. I think if you stick too much to a list of requirements, you can sometimes overlook someone who might be ideal for you. If I had made a list, my husband might not have fit on it. I'm attracted to dark hair; he was blonde. I'm attracted to men who like to read; he never reads. I liked to stay home for quiet evenings; he liked to go out and have fun. I hated team sports; he loved them. Yet, we complement each other perfectly, and I think both of us have become more well rounded as we've learned to accomodate each other's interests.