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December 9, 2006 7:22pm CST
Are you a jealous spouse? If so, how jealous are you?
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10 Dec 06 i was saying in another discussion that runs in the same lines...jealousy is quite a normal thing to be there, especially in first love when we put up so much trust and love and possessiveness in one person so soon, that our mind tries to resist...and the resulting conflict make jealousy and other things surface...there will be an internal conflict, ur mind wants to know how ur heart can justify its actions...but as soon as u win it, and believe that the decision u ve taken is not in haste and u r completely satisfied with the way things have gone...then, all the conflict along with jealousy and all will subside, and u feel very new, changed, and young again ready to take in everthing that love will become suddenly beautiful around you...and sort of