Help with arthritis pain Any suggestions?

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December 9, 2006 10:52pm CST
My mom's arthritis is getting worse. It is in her arms, elbow, and legs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Most prescribed medicines have to many side effects and she can't take them. Any herbal recommendations?
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10 Dec 06
I too have this prob. I have found 3 things that help me. 1.) Percogesic, an OTC pain reliever. it's hard to find, I get mine at walgreens. 2.) blue relief, I used to be able to get this at walgreens, now I gotta get it online. I use it on my face, I've got TMJ with arthritis in it. It doesn't smell bad like most things do. I've also got very sensitive skin, & this don't break me out. 3.) a trick my granny taught me (she was born in 1898) she said to take 1 or 2 cups of apple cider vinegar (gotta be the real stuff, not flavored to taste like it) & add it to a warm bath & just soak for at least 30 min, then go to bed, I usually feel better when I get up. LOL, my kids say they can always tell when I've been hurting, cause I smell like a pickle. I don't care, as long as I don't hurt as bad.
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11 Dec 06
Thanks for the tips. I don't think she tried Percogesic. I will ask her. We also have a local Walgreens. I like Blue Relief. I use it on my neck. I also have TMJ and didn't realize it could be linked to arthritis or that I could use blue relief for it. Hmmm. I will also tell her about soaking in apple cider vinegar. She is on the pills now. Thanks for the advice.