United States
December 9, 2006 11:42pm CST
What do you think about the women on blackplanet that choose to bare all. I have a page on blackplanet but Im not showing off any of my goods. I dont understand why someone would want to show themselves to the world...This one is for the men...Would you really want your girlfriend/woman putting it all out there for everyone to see?
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• Atlantic City, New Jersey
29 Aug 07
I have been a member of blackplanet for over 6 years now and have come across some pretty rauncy photos that makes the viewer say YIKES! I am realizing that the women that bare it all online- are really seeking attention- the attention they get- may not be the attention they want though! Personally I don't mind it- and much like mskatonic- I to date women- and wouldn't mind if my signifcant other decided to put racy photos up- I mean- it is only skin- right?
• United States
10 May 07
Maybe they are insecure and feel they need to be naked to get some attention.
• United States
11 Apr 07
For each is own... but for the sad part I think a women should value her body and be in good taste... your body is your temple so why would you want to show it to the world... those things should be left to those who are most secret to you....but again if a person feels comfortable then let them express themselves...