Do your neighbours drive you nuts???

@burtle (213)
New Zealand
December 10, 2006 12:53am CST
My neighbours are pigs, they have no respect for the people that live around them and seem oblivious to subtle hints or polite requests. How does one deal with this type of problem and still live in relative peace? I am interested to hear your stories about neighbours from hell and how you dealt with them.
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@moneyseeker (1024)
13 Dec 06
Guess I've been lucky - had no real problems with any neighbours. There was only one who once had two barking dogs which annoyed me on sunny days. This'll sound silly but I imagined the dogs had disappeared and a few days later they did! And peace has reigned ever since.
@burtle (213)
• New Zealand
18 Dec 06
Yes there is nothing worse than a barking dog that will not shut up!! My neighbours are mainly a pain because they keep playing baseball and the ball hits our car and our house, the kids are to scared to go outdoors!!