In a realtionship what's your deal breaker?

United States
December 10, 2006 1:17am CST
If you don't know what a deal breaker is, it's basically what turns you off? I guess my deal breakers would be kids, smokers, and tattoos. I may be a bit picky but I don't want any kids so I don't see myself dating a woman that all ready has kids. The smoking I could maybe look past, depending on how much she smokes. I've never dated a smoker but I've heard it's like kissing an ash tray. As for the tattoos, I just don't find them attractive for the most part. It would really depend on where and how big and of what. Am I being to picky to not want to date a woman that has any one of these even though she might be a great woman? What are your deal breakers? Let's hear them.
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@wildpvcgal (1085)
9 May 07
Oh well thats me out of the question then lol, I have 2 kids, i'm a social smoker and i,m a biker chick with a few tattoos! ;-)x