December 10, 2006 2:38am CST
Gday I have been reading all over here, how some people are doing life"extremly hard" at the moment, my heart go's out to all of you!!!!! I am also having issues with Family , no water in my tank, broke, pain, no petrol etc. Got me thinking, it has been *6 years yesterday, that my man was killed at work, and i promised myself i would NOT sweat the small stuff. Not that i am minimizing any ones troubles or issues! How easy we forget, and fall back into old patterns of thinking! We could be not typing here eg: Dead. So i have promised myself, to think of at least "5" things that are good in my life NOW, *everyday! Keep your chins up, and " PLEASE " stay positive, we all Need each other so lets play nicely and have a fabulous Christmas, and love the ones your with! Regardless of their issues and other idiosyncrasies! We are all only human after all, we make mistakes , hopefully we LEARN from them! *~:I WISH YOU ALL WELL:~* "H"
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