How do we best stop corruption? Any idea?

@ru88en (2997)
December 10, 2006 3:31am CST
Corruption is bad for our nation's economy. How do we best stop corruption? Any idea?
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• India
10 Dec 06
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Corruption can b stopped very easily,, if people doing that r caught on the site publish their photos in the newspapers,,shoe them on tv ,,hit their news so many times that everyone will know them.. now evenif such people get bail or something they will b caught by common man's eye..Everyone will whisper when they r around.. If this doesnt stop ,,then declare corruption as a deshdroh and hang that man in public ..So eachone will know the consciences.. No court no FIR just Hang..
• India
10 Dec 06
Best idea. If law becomes that strong.There will not be corruption.
@chiyosan (30076)
• Philippines
27 Dec 06
can we ever stop corruption? i dont think so. this happens everywhere and only in the hearts of those seated on government seats will make this stop.
@Betso221 (1702)
• India
10 Dec 06
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There's no way that u can sop corruption in this world if u got to stop then first we have to clear the base that's de government and then we have to a lot of job. Thats just impossible.