December 10, 2006 7:34am CST
Do you believe that people are born gay? And why do you think about homophobics? Why can't we just accept people for who they are? Why do we look at each other differently when we discover this about each other? What changes about the other person in your eyes??
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• Philippines
11 Dec 06
i dont believe that people are born gay. it may be more of a lifestyle choice or an outside influence, but is is not naturally occurring. homophobics (as you call them) aren't really insensitive or judgemental people, they just dont agree ( or they cannot tolerate ) such unnatural behavior. homophobia is not a form of hate or some sort of racism, it's just that homophobics adhere to their beliefs and convictions, which do not permit or tolerate homosexuality. or it may be a personal stand, which should also be respected. christianity does not permit homosexuality, could you say christians are judgemental and unfair to homosexuals?
@lovein (345)
• India
10 Dec 06
Because they work more based on their feelings than form. You work more based on your form , than your feelings. No one knows that feelings are due to our form only. When you have no form, you have no feelings. Do not be affraid of , rest assured that they do not get feelings as you get. Thanks
• Kenya
17 Dec 06
I totally... did not get what you are saying. Please clarify?