What are your views on the Iraq war?

December 10, 2006 10:01am CST
What are your views on the war against Iraq? Was it justified? Was the war fought for nuclear weapons or oil? Or was it just politics and a demonstration of power? A lot of people have lost their lives and its seems off that so many of Sadaam Hussain's lawyers were killed through the trial. What's your theory?
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@urvaksh (189)
• India
12 Dec 06
one thing thats quite obvious , the iraq war took place for only one reason , to me it is oil, but america already has enough reserves of oil and natural gas, so oil doesnt make much sence, there is a much more sinister and ulterior motive for the invasion. lets face it the only reason Saddams on trial is because he never had nukes, firstly the american justification for attacking iraq was mainly the existance of atomic, chemical, biological nukes and WMDs, and these weopons were in the hands of reckless and blood thirsty warlord, i.e. saddam. this theory can be contradicted mainly becauser if iraq really had these WMDs america would not dare attack iraq, bush knew none of these weapons existed, hence he dared to attack iraq. a friend of mine has propounded a theory namely , the reason the US has yet not pulled out of iraq, if iam not wrong the US have atlest a few thousands troops in iraq and afghanistan, these poor fellows are easy targets for disgruntled iraqis and oyher extremists , mujhahideen and alqueda fighters. these fellows would love to kill some yanks , plus these fellows are in their own back yard, so Whitehouse doesnt mind a 100 odd GIs getting killed a month as long the mujhahideen have some americans to kill, it is better to kill soldiers, than for the terrorists to come to the US and kill americans ,atleast they are getting to kill americans regardless if they are soldiers or civilians . this aint my theory but it definately makes sence, saddams lawyers arent killed by the americans but by saddams iraqi enemies, namely the kurds amd the shia,s who he tortured wen he was in power.
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