December 10, 2006 10:08am CST
There are two types of spiritualities.Following, seeking,attaining spiritual powers from one Creator GOD who created universe is one way of en joying spirituality. The other way is by following the powers of too many dark powers, attaining some similar benefits.But they are either temporary.or limited to the life here.After this life the soul will be thrown in to everlasting hell. The first one takes the human souls to heaven to dwell with the creator master GOD and to enjoy the everlasting life. Sadly many does not know the difference.Many are misled and have taken the paths of darkness with trifling joy they get out of following the darkness.The devil is very tricky. You will know about it from its fruits.Litmus test is utter the name of JESUS and the demons dont like it.They will flee.There is victory in the BLOOD of JESUS which was shed on the mount of calvery.
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