The World as Will and Idea?

@marvit79 (342)
December 10, 2006 10:53am CST
I resume this phrase of Schopenhauer in order to put in argument one my hypothesis: if we experience two levels of truth, a conscious one of rappresentazione of the world and unconscious and a deep one that it expresses the will of the world to exist like such, when the representative activity of the world that acts second its categories of space and time stops to exist with the dead women of I, the unconscious sphere who with it have interacted could not continue to be? It could not never not die? Or to remain in waited for that they give it rise other possibilities of idea and conscience? It is a hypothesis that could open new interpretative keys of the idea of eternal life, not found? for unconscious sphere I mean the unconscious collective of Jung and that one does not characterize them, depositary of the collective memory of the humanity container and contained of every psiche it characterizes them. It is perennial will to exist that it exists independently from single I that of is instead rappresentazione. Not there is some rappresentazione outside from aware I, and the rappresentazione dies with I, but it leaves trace of himself in the unconscious collective, in religious terms this trace is the spirit that survives.
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11 Dec 06
That's something, I like it.