Faster than Light?

December 10, 2006 3:48pm CST
Yes that's right...There is something faster than light. This is only a theory and not really from me either, but I thought it would be interesting. What is faster than Light? A photon. Yes, a photon is a light particle, but what happens when one photon hits another photon? You get a glitch. You see theoretically speaking nothing can go faster than light...because in light, Distance is 1 and time is almost ifinity. If anything could go faster, distance would be 0 and time would be infinity. (distance is because the faster the object goes... the shorter it gets.) If this was so than this object would be everywhere in the universe at one time, which is impossible. But this photon is the only thing that can go faster than light. because it upsets the balance of time, it literally going back in time while traveling forward. Let's say you want this so called "faster than light" variable (c+), How would you get it? You would have to be there before this phenomonom would happen. Pretty cool right. Well, it's just a theory.
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