Divorce Court

United States
December 10, 2006 5:50pm CST
I was watching Divorce Court a while ago and there was a woman on there. She claimed to be a Christian. She was writing letters to an inmate penpal. Then she started accepting phone calls from him. Now, she was asking for a divorce saying that she fell in love with the inmate and no longer wanted to be with her husband. Her husband blamed the inmate penpal company for allowing this to happen and wanted some kind of compensation. Of course, it wasn't their fault and he didn't get any money from them. Have you ever dated an inmate? Would you ever consider leaving your spouse for an inmate? Why do you think people get so involved with inmates ?
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@crystal8577 (1470)
• United States
11 Dec 06
No I would not correspond with an inmate I did not personally know. I can't see myself ever dating one. I do not really know why someone would get involved with an inmate.
@teenal (970)
• Ireland
11 Dec 06
I would never go out of my way to correspond with a convicted criminal. I think prisons are too soft nowdays and hardly a deterrent at all.The criminals housed in them should be cut off from society and not in a position to meet someone and write and call them whilst inside. A for this woman, if she was a good christian she would not have left her husband or started up a romance with anyone- especially someone convicted of a crime..