Do you believe in god?

December 10, 2006 6:43pm CST
Does he exist? Well no one has seen him but still there are a lot more believers than non believers. Science doesnt have an explanation for him (but so it doesn't for so many other things as well!!). There have been men in history who have claimed to be his sons (Jesus)and messengers (Prophet Mohomed). And everyone believed them and they continue to have followers who would even die for them. Do u believe in him?
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@minxy67 (2710)
11 Dec 06
I know a lot of people believe in god, but personally I don't, I don't think god has had anything to do with my life, I think we all make our own destiny.
• India
11 Dec 06
its all about faith. If u believe it has nothing to do with your life it definitely doesnt have anything to do with it! But i m sure there are people who would even bet their life on it that he is definitely there!