Sweet Nothing

December 10, 2006 6:47pm CST
I actually have no idea why I pick this as the title of the following words. It has nothing to do with the literal meaning of what sweet nothing actually is. It just was a feeling because it was sweet, but I"ve got nothing. Have you ever been sitting in such a big classroom full of people and feel so lonely at the same time? The story began in winter, two young people, a girl and a boy at their third-year, before which they rarely talked to each other, had their first chatting, and they became friends afterwards and they were seen hanging out together time after time. The boy was not tall or handsome, but was curious and special. The girl was smart and enchanting, but has a tall and handsome petit ami. The boy and the girl hang out like two kids, they study together, have dinner together, loitering the street together, go to the movies together, overnight at campus cafe together and sit in class next to each other. The boy tells all the funny stuff that makes the girl laughing, smiling, smirking and beaming all the time, for which the boy childishly believe that he can see angel though he had never been baptised. In the purse of the girl"s lies the tiny photo of her boyfriend, which the boy see each time, feeling the cracking of his heart, but still smile... Are there ever two people so close to each other, but two hearts so apart?
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