do first impressions matter????

December 10, 2006 9:14pm CST
Do you think first impressions matter?Do u judge someone on what you see first??? why/why not????
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@cheenlly (3483)
• Philippines
11 Dec 06
nop i dont judge a person especially if i didnt know it. YOu cant really say if that person you have just meet is somewhat like this or not.Get to know him/her is the best thing you tell what kind of person she/he is. For instance you meet this girl which your impression is unfriendly because of outside look, try to know her beyond that you wil know then if she is unfriendly or not. Because some are just shy and aloof so that why some people mistakenly judge it as unfriendly or snob. some are just merely coincidence
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@vijay12 (1643)
• India
11 Dec 06
First impressions are generally based on LOOKS,as there is no time to know what type of a personality,the person is.LOOKS have a very geat influence on others,and persons having good LOOKS,are generally,in an advantageous position.
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• United States
11 Dec 06
I think first impressions do leave a lasting impression on you. I think you are more likely to want to get to know somebody if they make a good first impression. If it's a bad one you may think twice before having to be around that person again. Or you may not be as opened minded the second time around. You never know if it was a bad day they were having but still...I think it does matter.
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@nidahali (446)
• Pakistan
22 Jan 07
In some cases first impression does matter but not always. You should not judge people merely on their first impression as first impression are not always the right description of that person's nature. He/she may or may not be like you think they are based on their first impression. I try my best not to judge people based on first impression
@ezzie26 (187)
• Australia
29 Dec 06
I dont judge on looks, I judge on personality, i know a few people who are stunning to look at but are potty mouthd and vulgar! i can swear like a trooper myself but know when to contain it. some people do not.
@moneytree (188)
• India
11 Dec 06
Well first impression is imporatant and gives you a fair idea what the person is like but i think once i talk then i make my decission.