women's heart,needles in sea

December 10, 2006 9:15pm CST
happy new year. a greeting to you all. hoho~ i am now just waiting for cindie. not knowing what to do but to write some rubbish here. hope you dont mind la. she is OT-ing and i am sitting in front of a PC near her. she should be in holiday today. but unfortunately, some emergency happened. she have to go back to handle with it. poor~,lets show our great mercy to her. actually, i ve got something to discuss with you. coz something happened between us last night. at the beginning of our phone converation, it was so nice and sweet. we were talking about what to do today(friday).we were planning to play badminton after i worked.and then go to bar or to see a movie. it seemed everything was going in a right way and in a good way.but when i mentioned i promised my colleagues to play football on satureday, i could feel she was suddenly down,saying she was not going out, would not do anything today. oh~,my god. why? why was that? i could not draw any reasons out from her mouth.is it not right to have a trying? i ve never played football for more than 6 or 7 years. i recently fall in love with ball games that some of them i never try or seldom try before.the reasons is that i love the feelings of being in competetion,losing or winning, and i enjoy the feelings at the moments i am running in full speed, offensing or defencing.all of them are so wonderful! hoho, where am i? lets get down to the subject. for that, all the seasons estimated were denied. so my question today is that do you girls always get in bad mood without reasons or always get angry in sudden? that confuses me so much,especially cindie"s.ai~(sign~) like we are always saying. women"s heart, a needle in the sea~`~`~`
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