India-Fight for justice

@kpisgod (994)
December 10, 2006 9:21pm CST
India has been raped (I'm fully aware of the word I'm using) for centureis as others mistake its tolerance for its weakness. When minority resorts to vilonce its called 'fight for justice' and when majority resists injustice its called communalism. wat the @#$%. read this I can survive on this website either laughing or crying What u dont find on @#$%ed up indian pseudo-secular media kick **s video another kick **s video which describes what fanaticism leads to kick **s website shameful fact - india is the only country in world to give Haj tax-subsidy although 52 declared islamic countries dont do the same. for the fans of sonia (Manio)gandhi (an italian bartender) and congress Only Hindus take pride is calling themselves secular, while others laugh. For those who miss the fire and don't really know why i do what i'm doin scared ***sies need to look at this is how 4,00,000 Kasmir pandits vanished A woman is raped in every 2 hrs in pakistan according to an independent survey. But actual numbrs are much worse.
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