@maumbi (2571)
December 10, 2006 11:51pm CST
more people can say easy MERRY CHRISTMAS....so on...BUT did you know what the mean of christmas???? get rated now.
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@fl0urish (5386)
• India
11 Dec 06
well christmas is the birth of JESUS in the ur heart ....when this happens that day u will experience the true one...hope u get that chance
@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 06
thansk for ur response.for me christsmas is NEW LIFE,NEW HOPE,NEW SOUL;) jsut like a baby.born again in this world.
@lena2000 (2392)
• Belgium
11 Dec 06
christmas - christmas
For today's Christian, the origin of Christmas is, and should be, the birth of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. Nothing more and nothing less. However, most of what we witness on December 25th each year has absolutely nothing to do with that blessed day, which probably occurred in late summer or early fall about 2,000 years ago. In fact, most of the customs and traditions of Christmas actually pre-date the birth of Jesus, and many of them are downright deceptive in their meaning and origin. Here are a few examples: The date of December 25th probably originated with the ancient "birthday" of the son-god, Mithra, a pagan deity whose religious influence became widespread in the Roman Empire during the first few centuries A.D. Mithra was related to the Semitic sun-god, Shamash, and his worship spread throughout Asia to Europe where he was called Deus Sol Invictus Mithras. Rome was well-known for absorbing the pagan religions and rituals of its widespread empire. As such, Rome converted this pagan legacy to a celebration of the god, Saturn, and the rebirth of the sun god during the winter solstice period. The winter holiday became known as Saturnalia and began the week prior to December 25th. The festival was characterized by gift-giving, feasting, singing and downright debauchery, as the priests of Saturn carried wreaths of evergreen boughs in procession throughout the Roman temples.