School's Responsibility

United States
December 11, 2006 12:33am CST
I have a wonderful friend whom I have known for about two years now. She applied to my school with the intention to stay and finish her degree there. Yet, about a year later, the school told her that they have canceled her major. She has worked so hard to make new friends and to be connected to the new environment b.c she is from Turkey. She has made so many dear friends who love and adore her, but she has to transfer to a new school where she has do start all over again. I know that I along with other friends will miss her dearly. What do you guys think on the action of the school? Should they do something more about this? I'm sure that my friend isn't the only that is affected by this, but I just wish that the school should have told her in the beginning that her major will be canceled rather than waiting almost 2 years later telling her that.
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