Have u seen a beggar?

December 11, 2006 1:51am CST
Do u came across a beggar? Wat do u think about him/her? Why r they begging ? Cnnot they earn their living rather then begging? I feel Beggars are a common problem in most of d countries. They beg for thier family . The saying goes like this 'Anything for this empty stomach' . they dont enjoy begging , its their necessity. At d same time I think that hepling those who are physically fit n fine is increasing the numbers in our country. They dont want to work as they earn by begging. They hate working. If we want to help them , its better to give them some service or piece of work and pay them in return. Wat do u think??
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• India
27 Dec 06
I have seen beggars. There are a lot here in India. I think its necessary for d Govt to take necessary steps so that unemployment can be lessened . One of d problems is unemployment n dissatisfaction. Instead of giving them food for 1 time, give them some work.They will realise the necessity to work for their family.