Research on Men's behavior!!!

December 11, 2006 2:33am CST
Research on Men's behavior!!! I wanted to know what is it that men in general are so scared off. Every age, nationality, nature and culture. I have been around the block trying to find out what is it that man run away from. I finally found the answer but i am still confused with the result, i need someone else's perpective. I have tested my tecnique in man between 18 until 40 yrs old, the results is the same. Man are scared of feelings and attachment, and they work for what they want and as they get it, they totally loose interest in what he accomplished. They see the art of the comquest as a chalenge calling them, something they really need to accomplish specially if the girl's not interested or she is hard to get to, but if the girl some how show they changed their minds, no matter how devoted he is, the man totally changes his behavior, totally loosing interest and starts to avoid the woman until the point that he turns around and walk away. I have proven my point with so many experiments, I like to observe human behavior for future purposes. Now what i fail to do is to understand why does it happened. Does someone has an explanation for it? Please Advise... I am sure a lot of people would love know it as welll.... thank you all, waiting for the reply!!! :-)
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11 Dec 06
acan u repeat the question