How did your man Propose to you.?.

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September 19, 2006 7:02pm CST
did he go all out and make it one of the most memorable moments in both your lives.?. was it special no matter what just because it was him.?.
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@dlphnrdr (105)
• United States
30 Sep 06
well my man and i were in north carolina, we didnt have a car then only a motorcycle and it was broke down. We had walked to town one day on a really hot day there and we had stopped when we got to town to get something to drink and the local restaurant. I had gone in to use the restroom and when i came out my man was in the jewelry store right next door his oldest son was waiting outside forme and telling me that i couldnt go in the store until his father came out.. When my man came out of the store i was sitting onthe park bench outside. He walked over to me got down on 1 knee and opened the little box containing my ring adn asked me to marry him. I cried really hard i was happy and it was the ring i had seen for a long time in a magazine, a dolphin ring with a diamond eye. HE had asked me what is it and i could barely speak let alone say yes. I was so happya nd accepted his offer. About a hour later i was crossing the street in town, he wa sin another store when i walked across the street there was a 20 dollar bill laying in the middle of it, in my excitement i had picked it up and went intot he local flower shop and bought my man 6 red roses and then entered the store with them while he was paying for his football jersey. It was a very memoriable day for me except for the long walk back home LOL! But yes very romantic you would of had to have been there. He had proposed to me in the middle of downtown sanford north carolina right on main street. Something I will never forget. We have since been married almost 10 years now and still very much in love.
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