December 11, 2006 7:47am CST
Guys if there are diagnosed bipolars here please help me help myself make a self-diagnosis before I go to a psychiatrist and ask if I am really a bipolar. What is the symptom of bipolar? What causes it? I have a year old kid. His father is a diagnosed bipolar. I am worried about her, she might end up bipolar too.
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@platypus (336)
• Italy
11 Dec 06
well, it is difficult to make a diagnosis from internet. what's more, it is not a doctors forum and this make things even more difficult. you should go to a specialist and ask for hie/her help, not ours. sorry. good luck
• Philippines
11 Dec 06
I am not asking people here to diagnose me. I just want to know their own opinion and experiences as such. i believe there are westerners here who openly discuss about their cases as bipolars. In my country, nobody really knows what a bipolar is and if you tell them this is a sort of a disease the stigma would be...insanity or danger.