have any of u seen aliens??

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December 11, 2006 8:14am CST
i saw this documentry in tv abt the existence of aliens,ok may be, they do exist,true,if earth can contain life there cd b planets with life,iam not here to question the vastness,or greatness of universe, but the statement abt their visit to our planet n all,and mostly the reports r frm united states,y has no one talked about them in my country,or any other country??pls be frank,have any of u seen them??
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@Betso221 (1702)
• India
11 Dec 06
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I have never seen a alien but i feel they exist and they can also live somewhere in this planets around.
@platypus (336)
• Italy
11 Dec 06
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i think that universe is too big for having just ine planet with life. i don't know where aliens might be but i think they exists. unfortunately i don't think we will ever see them, since the distances are too big.
@fabrietto (487)
• Italy
11 Dec 06
No, i never have seen an alien and i think that they don't exist.