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December 11, 2006 8:40am CST
Are spirituality & intelligenc perpetually at odds with each other? Several years ago I would have said yes to these questions. But today I see that this conflict is nothing but an illusion. In fact, I think intelligence and spirituality ultimately follow the same path, and I don't mean this in the sense of trying to program your head with religious doctrine and then trying to convince you of it by manipulating the facts. I mean that by embracing your intellect to its fullest extent, you will eventually arrive at a sense of spirituality. You may not label it as such, but you will find yourself generating similar results to some of the most enlightened people around. In terms of the question of intelligence vs. spirituality, the problem arises from the perceived sense of conflict between these two supposed opposites. This perception prevents us from trusting and following either side far enough. We'll only go so far down one side or the other before flipping back to the other side. We have our intellectual pursuits and our spiritual pursuits, and never the twain shall meet. They are both kept separate and compartmentalized. In the business world, our actions are governed by intelligence; we achieve the best results when we make the most intelligent decisions. But if we go home, meditate, and begin asking questions like, "What is the purpose of my life?" we have to load up a different set of rules. Now we've supposedly left the territory of the intellect and entered the spiritual realm. We try to interact intelligently
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11 Dec 06
i have nothing to say it.....just read your words. try to find answer of that question and that is perpose of life..... you cannt understand spirituality only by books you should follow that content.....