How to handle an alcoholic??

December 11, 2006 8:49am CST
I think my dad is alcoholic, he drinks about 2bottles of wine every night and more on weekends. he wont admit to how much he drinks and he refuses to stop. his behaviour is getting out of control, hes become violent and last night smashed up our kitchen and told my 26year old sister (who has breast cancer) that she will be dead in a few years. to me this was the last straw, he should never have made that comment and it made me flip out at him. he refused to apologise and stil refuses to give up alcohol. iv told him that if he doesnt then i will leave the family home and not come back til he has. does anyone have any advice coz i dont know what to do about this.
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19 Jan 07
Have you tried talking to him about it when he isn't drinking? That was mean of him to tell your sister that. I would of went off too. In order for you all to live together without hating each other, you are going to have to tell them how his behavior is affecting you. I am sure everyone else has a complaint too. His words can be hurtful as well as his actions. Stand up for the way you feel.