Good Training

@aish0123 (142)
December 11, 2006 8:50am CST
Under what situations can training be financially justified? Highly trained and competent employees are great assets to any company. These employees grow and change as the business changes. Training, therefore, is integral to overall employee effectiveness which, in turn, positively impacts company performance. Strengths and Weaknesses of Training Programs The arguments against training, often, is that they cannot afford to have direct labor employees taken away from their normal work and put into training sessions. Training is viewed as a loss of productivity and is considered an expense. However, there is always time and means to rework bad products or to accept high scrap rates. Read more about how training is perceivedĀE How to Provide Good Training Training activities, whether classroom or on-the-job, must have willing participants and enthusiastic instructors. Along with the enthusiasm, the instructor must be a subject matter expert or at least have subject knowledge a couple of levels beyond the trainee.
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