Can constipation be psychosomatic?

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December 11, 2006 9:28am CST
Hi, I have a very strange but important question. Well, to start off, I am currently dealing with constipation. UGHHH! Anyway, last year I was treated for Hodgkin's Disease and the chemo constipated me terribly. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, I was paranoid every time I read an article or saw anything on tv about someone else suffering from a different kind of cancer than what I had. They would describe their symptoms and then I would all of a sudden have those symptoms and think "Oh no! I have that cancer too"! A couple of weeks ago I read an article in People magazine about a 50 year old woman that had colon cancer. Her initial symptoms that led her to believe something was wrong was "system problems" and fatique. Ever since I have read that articel, I have had trouble going to the bathroom and I am getting worried. My husband says that I always freak out over nothing. What do you think? Should I worry or is it in my head?
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5 May 08
I have had problems with IBS and being constipated most of my life and so has my father, mother, sister and brothers. Some of them have had to had part of their colon taken out because it was in such bad shape...sac(s) in the colon. i have bouts of fever and cramping and it is very painful but with the help of a good colon cleaner like the "ultimate colon cleaner" that i saw in a add..i am on a 30 day free trail of this product. I think there are many products so pick the one for you...keep your self "regular" by eating right drinking plenty of filtered water and some exercise too...check it out with a good health food store that knows what they are doing..or go on lone to "the ultimate colon cleanser" site and check it out...its not just in your head...this is a very common problem
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4 Jan 07
Try drinking some coffee and eating fruits and veggies. if you're still constipated, try some correctol. if you're still constipated try either a Fleet suppository or Dulcolax suppository. IF that all fails, which with chemo, its possible, try either a Fleet Enema or bulb enema or bag enema