Why the people says that they gets $10 for 500 post?

@ralevi (1887)
United States
December 11, 2006 5:32pm CST
I was getting my $10 when I have 700 posts and here I found on maybe 2-3 discussions that says that some people get $10 for only 500 posts. How they are doing that? Can you tell me the secret?
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@giova74 (333)
• Italy
18 Dec 06
Because They riceves many reply on your discussions I think
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• Philippines
17 Dec 06
actually i dont know, i got my 10$ when i reached my 200 post. i really dont have any idea how mylot compute our earnings. just try to make a long response and also with quality... good luck.
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@deadsoul1 (714)
• India
12 Dec 06
Well i have points less than 500(its 450 right now).But my earnings are well over $10. All you need is good responses and rating plus tagging discussions.That will help you earn better.
@istanto (8572)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 06
the secret is on quality not the quantity. with my rating im earning total $235.14 another people might need more than 10.000 to reach that.
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@umerasif (532)
• Pakistan
5 Jan 07
Well I guess the secret really is that you should concentrate on the quality and not the quantity. The quantity will let you have a higer posts rating soon but does not go well towards contributing money. I make it a point to rate every discussion that I visit. Either it is my own or someone else's discussion. Furthermore I always tag my responses. I have seen that this makes you earn faster. In the end it turns out that you should do all that you can when you are here either posting for others or starting your own discussions. I can not post picutres to replies that I send out but I am sure that after reaching 500 and when I can do that my earnings will increase. My earnings at 230 posts were well about 4$ so I am hopeful that I will reach the 10$ mark well before 500 posts.