The Matrix of LIFE and LOVE.. My theory...

December 11, 2006 6:04pm CST
Ok so I think many people live in an emotinal matrix they created. Alot has to do with movies and music influenceing people's minds as well. Ok so I see SO many people who's life go to hell when they are heart broken or they can;t get that one person they love. I also see people not want to do anything or achieve any goals because of love and heartache. I myself was one of these people who was trapped in the Matrix of life. But LOVE is the thing that makes people weak and fall into the trap of the matrix. My buddy gets so distracted with girls he thinks he loves. When really he is just letting his emotions control him. Then he doesn't want to do anything in life. I think that movies and music make people feel even worse. They glorify the thought of finding someone speical and falling in love. But what for? I don't even believe love is real. Now that I don't believe in love or care about it, I am FREE! My mind and emotions are free. While so many people will be trapped in the matrix that love creates for them. They need to unplug themselves from those emotions that make them weak! Once you break free of the matrix of life, You will never see the world the same again. And You wil be much stronger and smarter than everyone around you. I will later write and sell a whole book about of theory of the Matrix of life. Thanks tor reading.
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