Why did my cat run away?

@nextgen (1888)
September 20, 2006 2:47am CST
I have a female cat and she is about 4 or 5 months old. and she has been missing for 5 days. Is she going to come back? :[ i miss her so much. Im scared if someone took her.
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@prasanta (1947)
• India
20 Sep 06
Hi, She must have gone for a honeymoon with her boyfriend. You were so much commanding, she could not tell you about her affair. So, she had to take this decision of leaving home without telling you. Do not cry, with time things will be alright.
20 Sep 06
i really sorry to hear about your cat, i really hope she comes home to you soon. Our cats are always going off for days on end, and they do eventuaaly decide to come back!
@amiksinha (1961)
• India
20 Sep 06
Did you have her spayed? If not, I think she came in heat and run away to... you know. I know it's a little young at 5 months, but not unheard-of. Put up signs with her picture around so that your neighbours will know it's your cat and if they see her they will alert you or bring her back to you. Spay her. Keep her inside. When you get her back. (I do hope nobody shot her or run her over - those are among the dangers when you let your cat out. I won't let mine out on his own, I want him to survive!)
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@fizza10 (1718)
• Pakistan
20 Sep 06
was she in love ....hehe(joking)....anywyaz don't u worry dear cats n dogs near 4get their homes...i'm sure she'll turn up in a day or 2.......get ur neighbourhood checked she might b sitting somewhere in some1's garden.....
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@Aali311 (6127)
• United States
20 Sep 06
Hopefully your cat will come back safe.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
22 Nov 06
Most go exploring, and get lost, but some just like to wander. I recommend calling the local animal shelters seeing if she was brought in, ask around ask the neighbors, families etc... It is hard to lose cats. - DNatureofDTrain