December 11, 2006 9:18pm CST
Today, we were informed by iKobo that they are unable to process payments for us this month. Over the past several months we have discovered many restrictions with iKobo and we have been working on alternate payment options. We had planned to offer a different payment option next month, but instead we will have to offer a new option this month. This message does not in anyway imply that you will not receive your earnings this month. It just means you will receive your earnings from a different source and maybe a few days later than originally scheduled. Please check back frequently for an alert from us. We will provide alternate payment instructions to you shortly. Please do NOT change your country to pick a different payment method as PayPal will not let you create an account or will cancel your account if they determine you created a false account. However, as we discussed in a previous alert, PayPay is now available in more countries. If your country was recently added feel free to chose PayPal now. OMG have you recieved this message? what do you think about it? i`m starting to wonder if ikboo are good or not
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