traffic in your city!

@froogle (776)
December 11, 2006 9:22pm CST
Lets discuss about the traffic in your city. Well I am from bangalore and as most of you know, bangalore traffic sucks! It has become too much populated these days."As we all know, Bangalore has the highest number of two wheelers in the nation. It is obvious to all of us be it motorists or pedestrians, as to how the profusion of two-wheelers upsets traffic in the city. Two wheelers are dangerous to the riders themselves. A majority of fatalities in road accidents involve two wheelers. Given their inherent 'maneuvarability', two wheelers and their riders exacerbate traffic jams by trying to go around them, ride on pavements, and make things worse on the whole. Given all these, two wheelers should be forbidden within city limits." - stmt made by one person from bangalore
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