Bad Memory (I cant remember my past)

United States
December 11, 2006 10:06pm CST
I am just turned 23. I forget things alot but that is not that bad. Althought yesterday I forgot to clean the lint out of the sink while washing cloths & it clogged up while washing my second load & flooded the floor. I forget alot of things but I should not be forgetting that kinds of things. It is bad enough I really can not remember my childhood. I think the youngest age I can remember is 11 maybe a little earlier. People tell me things from my childhood & I dont know what they are talking about. I can remember the things they tell me about my past. I was told that when I was an baby I was in 2 car accidents in the same week (one was supposedly really bad, I dont think I got hurt though) & that might have something to do with my memory. I think I was told that I used to have bad dreams from it (dont remember any of it). My family & friends have told me that I should see someone. But when I was younger (dont remember when but I was told...) I did see a therapist. I am not comfortable talking to someone in person about my personal life. Especially the ast that I cannnot remember. People keep telling me that I might be blocking out ome bad memory. I think if it is bad enough that it blocks out my whole childhood then maybe I dont want to remember. Anyone want to give me some advice or anyone went throught what I went through? I am at a lost.
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@polachicago (19073)
• United States
12 Dec 06
My childhood was great and I do not remember much either. I think this is normal. We always remember only things that are extremely good or bad.
@urzicutza (1973)
• Romania
12 Dec 06
well i have a great memory of my past especialy of my childhood! sometimes i vorget uniportant thungs butt i always remebre everything i dream or i do ar i hear iar i see! it is my forte point! i dont have problems butt if you do! you sould go to a doctor or take some vitamins that are good for the meomry! take care! because maory si all we got!