Little girl vs cougar.....Very Sad

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December 12, 2006 10:18am CST
True Story...A birthday party was taking place for a 4 year old and all of her friends, the parents of this little girl thought that it would be cool to have a real "live" cougar at her party instead of the traditional clown or pony. As the trainer was showing the cougar off, the little 4 year old wanted a closer look,so she went up behind the cougar, and "goosed" it. Out of instinct the cougar, which is de-clawed, bit the little girl. I am unsure of how bad the bite was, but the little girl did survive....thank God, but they wanted to make sure that the cougar did not have rabies, so instead of waiting and watching, they put the cougar down, so they could spare the little girl the agony of getting the rabies shots. I really disagree with their methods, the cougar was only doing what would come naturally, it could have been quarantined, also I would have put the little girl through the rabies shots, she should have known better and where were her parents....This really saddens me, what do you think?
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@Feona1962 (7527)
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16 Jun 07
All the way around it doesn't seem that anyone was making any reasonable decisions..about anything..I agree with you and I am glad she is okay..I would not have let the children within (I am not sure how far away) more than 10 to 15 feet at least...And where were the parents? That could have been much much worse..Who really wanted the cougar, the little girl or the parents? Shouldn't she have had to have shots regardless if the animal was put down? The cougar was only doing what is natural and that is to defend itself, no matter what....Wild animals are wild, period...Thank you for sharing this article...