how to stop the cravings and regulate them..

yummy icecream cakes - wahhh stop me,...
December 12, 2006 11:32am CST
like ice creams, cookies, chocolates.. cakes..^_^ its my weakness...
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12 Dec 06
hmmmm.... just mentioning it makes me want to eat it.... those food are v. addictive. there are also comfort food, and comfort eating is a habit which you might regret when you see the effects if has on your body. well, i believe in rationing and willpower to stick to it. reward yourself occassionally... yes, but definitely need to tell yourself when to stop. by rationing to, lets say, one piece of chocolate a day, or one chocolate mars bar a day is fair... but stick to it. you don't abstain from it, you just tell yourself when it is enough. set a limit for yourself.
• Philippines
12 Dec 06
yup.. comfort foods... ^_^ thanks so much. im so glad to have real people like you.