Do you like Wrestling?

@carlomeno (1086)
December 12, 2006 11:41am CST
I watch it on TV a lot of times, it is really spectacular, but I believe that everything is false. The wrestler are really good actors that are playing what the people likes more: fighting between human beingsā€¦.
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@sims1955 (36)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I like watching it but I think every one on earth knows it's fake lol
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
Yes! I love to watch wwe if i have time..infact i started a discussion on which u can post your favorite wrestler. I do believe that its also scripted but i do wonder if some of the scenes are really true, i mean when they are already hurting each other big time that you already see blood on their faces. what do u think?
@demos4582 (390)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 06
i really like this kind of sport. near my house several childs plays the character of smack down! and its very anoying me becouse they tried to do exacly as they shown on tv. what if accidents happen? if one of the child broke his neck, and loose his life?
@jay80son (2048)
• Italy
12 Dec 06
yes they play such actor but one normal person can be hurt doing their "actoraction".
@Albone (1340)
• Italy
12 Dec 06
i think it's a good show to watch when your tired and you want to watch something turning off your brain... i know it's not real, they're stuntman and they "play" a show like actors... but it's amazing and someone is a good athlete...