'Men better slimmers than women'

December 12, 2006 11:45am CST
Men can slim down more easily than women, according to new research. However, there are still more overweight men than women, according to the study, published in Slimming World. The study found that over a 12-week period, average weight loss among women was 15 lbs, while men lost around 23 lbs. However, 66% of men in the UK are overweight compared to 57% of women, according to the magazine. The magazine says there have been calls for slimming groups to shed their women-only image and male-only weight loss groups are now being created where men can feel more comfortable and support each other. Recent studies at Tallaght Hospital in Dublin found that heart disease, which is often linked to obesity, is 10 times more common in women than breast cancer. This research also found that 55% of women die of heart disease compared to 43% of men.
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