@1fatpig (785)
December 12, 2006 11:15pm CST
I was doing some thinking and have a idea , for work at home business .. Now this is legitimate , needs a bit of home work on your behalf and I can give you a bit of info on the idea but the rest is up to you .. Its only going to cost you a one time payment of $1000 US!! no only kidding the info is free !! only thing is Im only going to give info to 1 person per country ... the best answer from each country will recieve the info !! now the business may be no good to do from your country so this is where you have to do is the homework good luck !! question = why do think I should tell you this infomation ... now I will read through your answers so this could take awhile ... Im not promising a million dollars ....
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@minxy67 (2709)
14 Dec 06
I am interested but do you need an initial outlay, and what sort of work would it be? ;)
@cr1st1nel (3567)
• Romania
13 Dec 06
I'm just waiting to see who will respond i doubt they'll earn 1000$ but still good luck to you and them.
@1fatpig (785)
• Australia
13 Dec 06
No i didnt they they will make anything ??? then again they may make a lot of money I cant predict how much they will make !!!!