wHat is Love fOr YOU??

December 13, 2006 3:11am CST
Do you believe in love? why does some people don't believe in love? do you fall inlove already? Opinions and advices are very much appreciated..
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• United States
17 Dec 06
Yes, I believe in love. I believe it is one of the main things we need to make it through life. I have fallen in love several times and with each one I have trasured memories. My only opinion is that I feel that in order to make it through life healthy and happy we have to open ourselves to love. The love of family, friends and a spouse. My advice? Love your family and friends as if they were yourself. Don't go looking for someone to love you let love find you.
• Philippines
18 Dec 06
yeah thats right... I also believe in love, Love give us so many reason to smile but it also give us so many reason to cry, Loving someone I think is the best thing on earth that you would experience,