how do men think?

December 13, 2006 5:31am CST
how do men think? are they really more emotional than girls? are they more sensitive than girls? well..if thats true then I salute them for acting so invulnerable. they act as if they are strong.
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• India
14 Dec 06
women are definitly more emotional and sensitive, but that does not mean men are far behind. men do feel the full range of emotions. but due to upbringing men have learnt to control the emotion. in fact i would go so far as to say that controling their emotion has been ingrained into a man even before birth, its just like a dog howling at the moon or barking at strangers... it is not about who is best or worst... men and women complement each other... one would not be complete without the other...
@sunshinecup (7881)
13 Dec 06
I think some men can be emotional, but I don't think there is another creature on this planet as emotional as us females. I also don't think they CAN hide their emotions at all, it's the reason why men are more apt to fist fight than women. Us girls can secretly carry a grudge for years with no one ever knowing you really can't stand this person. A guy however will let it be known in a heart beat. Sure they act like they are strong and physicaly IMO they are the more stronger of two, but emotionaly, nope. When you hit the right cord a man will through a temper tantrom just as quick if not quicker than a female.