How do I specify requirements of Hydraulic combination Clutch-brake for a Press

September 20, 2006 1:33pm CST
I would want to replace an existing pneumatic combination clutch-brake in one of our 400T mechanical power press with wet type hydraulic clutch-brake to improve the brake angle from 100 degrees to 35 degrees. The press has fixed speed of 45 SPM and is used for backward/forward extusion of automotive component. We want to introduce auto feeding system with sensors foe detecing jams and miss-feed. Short braking time would be needed to savew the tooling and feeing device from brakage in the event of jam up. l advice an proper selection / specification of hydraulic clutch-brake unit.
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• India
30 Sep 06
a combination dry clutch brake like one which you already have can also work , atleast i think so all you have to do get one with the specifications and brake angle you would want as you say a hydraulic type would also work but it comes with its share of problems like the lag time it would have , as you intend to use it for your automation system , it would also have higher maintenance cost and ofcourse leakage problems , for my credentials to coment on this topic i am a mechanical engineer working on a ship thrust me i have repaired more m/c