@susanscs (268)
December 13, 2006 9:42am CST
Can anyone tell me the easiest way to learn a new language please.
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• Spain
20 Dec 06
I think the best way is to practice. Maybe we should set up a language swap course, I want to learn Spanish, how about you?
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
13 Dec 06
language - LANGUAGE
first, think of what language is it that you wanna learn. just focus on one... one at a time is always best. then, give time to learn about it everyday. spend like an hour learning about it. you can also search on the web about languages that a beginner can start on to. i am a filipino. i only know two languages, my native tongue and english. and i have a swedish boyfriend. i am interested in learning his language. so, he helps me all the time. he gives me internet sites where i can learn the basics... how to read and pronounce swedish words. then, he helps me in constructing easy sentences. at times, i always use what he teaches me whenever i write him letters, emails and whenever we get time to talk and chat. and i can say i am doing well... good luck to you!
@xtinelee (3378)
• Singapore
13 Dec 06
I think the easiest way is to actually go live in the country where the native language is that language.